Smoke & Mirrors

The following is a video essay on visual culture that utilizes Franz Fanon and Judith Butlers conceptualizations race, gender and sexualization as written not on the body, but within the context of external perception and surveillance, as well as W.E.B. Dubois’ theorizations of double conciousness, and Guy Debord’s analysis of visual encapsulation of cultural rhetoric, among others, to express the void of objectivity in the act of seeing.

Hope you likes.

p.s. I am so obviously NOT an actress. Don’t judge me!


4 responses to “Smoke & Mirrors

  1. Rebecca: This is a pwerful, moving effective piece that moves complex theory into the realm of the personal and poetic, and makes it that much more resonant. I appreciate your creative efforts all the more given that this is your first video project. The performance is subtle, funny, and serious all at once, and you do seem to be an actress afterall. I do wonder about how surveillance and exernality work in your project given that people of color also watch and judge.

  2. I love that you bravely chose a path that none of the rest of us seemed to even consider. I feel that the poetry of the piece is very powerful and lends itself to a wider audience and application than a “purely academic” approach would have. I think it functions just as well as a short film as a video essay and that you shouldn’t overlook its value as such.

  3. So powerful the way you frame the theoretical premises in the different characters using yourself as the model. It took courage to play all the parts which you did very well. Your video essay stayed true to its themes and delivered them with a subtle anger that moved me. I really appreciated that you used Nikki Giovanni’s poetry.

  4. Rebecca: I love the shots that hold for a few moments on the ashtray with burning cigarette and the two small pink candles. Those are visual resting places that create a nice space between scenes. You brought forth aspects of each character’s emotional story embodied through your delivery of Giovanni’s poetry, which is very interesting. This is a very inventive piece and I agree that is has short film markings.

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