Health Care – wtf

I’m really angry right now. Hurt. Disappointed really. I work hard, I do the right thing, pay my taxes, stay away from drugs, stayed in school: shit, can a girl get some damned Health Insurance? I’m sorry, but I shouldn’t have to stand at the doctors office with the doctor telling me its imperative to my health and reproductive abilities to have an ultrasound done immediately – and then be denied because I can’t afford the 300 to do so on the spot. They sent me home. They effing sent me home. What kind of “first world” fucking country is this? I’m ashamed at my country for this reason. I have been for such a long time. I’ve spent the last 6 years as a college student with no income and no ability to pay for health insurance. I’ve had to maneuver the free clinic systems. Hit and miss. I’ve hit twice and found truly compassionate doctors who take the time to tell me how I can manage a particular illness, but mostly I have to tell you, I’ve been humiliated. Rushed in and out of cold rooms by even colder medical staff, told I was being dramatic when I flinched at the ramming of a speculum, given medicine I was allergic to, left in exam rooms for more than an hour before having nurses ask me why I was there. I once had five nurses poke around under  my skin because they couldn’t find a vein the doctor found in 1/2 a minute. This is disgusting. And me, I know I deserve better, how many women and men walk in and out of these clinics grateful just to have had someone see them. Fuck. I’m mad. I’m hurt. We should be doing better than this.


One response to “Health Care – wtf

  1. Amen, sister. I second, third, fourth and fifth that emotion and wonder when in the world are people going to wake up and realize how much we need for noone to be scared (or hurt) because they don’t have health insurance?? What peeves me, is that most companies do not provide preventative care: viagra is covered (erectile ‘dysfunction’) but birth control is not. Okay, so we’re both pissed and can vent til the cows come home, but what are we going to do to create change? I got your back…let’s get in their and stir things up!! (maybe we can brainstorm a bit and see how we can start to take action, because its not going to get any better unless we do something about it, really, I’m convinced of that).

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